7 Top Tips For Air Source Heat Pump Success

This week we reveal our best top tips for making sure that your heat pump design and installation goes without a hitch.

Get The Most Out Of Your Heat Pump

1. Lower the flow temperature

The first thing to accomplish is an efficient means of getting low grade temperature from your heat pump to your rooms. We are talking about lowering the flow temperature of the system as far as possible to reduce running cost and improve heat incentive payments as much as possible.

Highly efficient radiators or a properly designed underfloor heating system will set you off to a flying start.

2. Correct sizing

The next piece of the puzzle to get right is to understand the heat loss of the home using BSEN12831 or CIBSE standards to identify the heat loss of the home in the depths of winter. Once you have this figured out you can find the right heat pump size.

For air source heating it is critical to make sure the heat pump can provide the energy you need at the minimum outdoor temperature. Ask heat pump manufacturers for capacity tables and use the “integrated” or averaged energy value to make sure the heat pump will cope ok.

3. Space and power requirements

Make sure you have space for the outdoor fan unit that is away from social areas and unruly garden plants. Check also that you have sufficient electrical power available on your fuse board for this extra appliance. If in doubt, check with your electrician.

4. Accredited product selection

Make sure the product you finally select is on the micro-generation certification scheme list to ensure you will likely receive professional installation, consumer protection and government heat incentive subsidies.

5. Intelligent control

Without the right control a heating system is at worst almost useless and at best highly inefficient. Invest in simple digital thermostats and timers which can be easily adjusted to your lifestyle needs. There is a large selection on the market as reasonable prices which will optimise your running costs whilst being truly flexible.

6. Awesome installation

One of the continuing issues clients come up against is poor installation, service and pricing fluctuations. Whilst this is a general problem there are some really honest and excellent installers willing to help you realise your low carbon dream.

Make sure you spend some time on this aspect of the project getting recommendations, multiple like-for-like quotes and get to know potential installers. See our 6-star installer postfor more useful tips.

7. Leave it alone

Once you have had the heating and control system installed and commissioned don’t be afraid to leave it alone! The temptation is always to fiddle but a correctly set up thermostat and heat pump system will keep you nice and warm with plenty of hot water for your needs.

If you follow these top tips you will be well on your way to a hassle free and cost effective heat pump installation to be really proud of.

For further advice about integrating renewable technologies into your home or your next build, contact Mesh Energy and get expert support.

Doug Johnson

Doug is a chartered mechanical engineer and has had the pleasure of being involved in the UK renewable sector since 2008. With wide-ranging operational and design experience in both the domestic and commercial sectors across a wide range of recognised technologies he hopes to be able to share his experience to help enlighten and save you hassle along the way.