The world of sustainability and eco home construction is confusing. Make things simpler with advice from our trusted, independent experts.

Our services range from sustainability feasibility studies and energy compliance to energy monitoring and to on-site installer co-ordination, helping homeowners navigate this increasingly complex subject. Perhaps some of these sound familiar to you:

 “I’d like to know exactly how and where our home uses energy”

“There are so many sustainable energy options available that I just don’t know where to start!”

“I never seem to get the same advice twice. Websites, product installers… they seem to have their agendas covered, instead of mine”

Let us guide you through the confusion, helping you with a full range of services to make sustainable living a reality. From creating initial ideas about building energy usage and fabric improvement, through appropriate energy efficient product selection, all the way to detailed design and installer recommendations and tendering.

Our expertise covers:

  • Heat pumps, solar and biomass heating
  • Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery
  • Solar photovoltaics and solar thermal
  • Battery storage and power cut protection
  • Electric vehicle charging


We have been experts in the area of energy efficiency for many years and can as part of the project design team be one of the smartest investments you can make on your journey to energy efficient living.


Just starting a project? Call us! Working on projects from the earliest possible stage means we can help save you considerable money – now and for years to come. We also advise on renewable energy solutions and low carbon building design.

Want a consistent presence during your project? Just let us know. Our project management packages mean we can guide you through the full process, helping make your sustainable home project an easier, more enjoyable project.

“Mesh provided a rigorous, data-driven analysis based on our unique requirements.”

Let us help you with a bespoke report covering the facts and data relating to your energy objectives. Use your report to make immediate improvements in energy efficiency and to form the basis of your project’s renewable energy strategy.

We’re the one-stop shop for sustainable living. Call us today for a simpler, easier approach to energy efficiency. 08445 003383