Would You Like ‘X-Ray’ Vision For Your Energy Bills?

At some point in our lives, usually as young children, I expect we have all dreamt about having superpowers and probably wished you could have X-Ray vision. Imagine being able to look through walls, barriers, floors to see a hidden object or problem lurking out of normal sight without having to actually get up out of your armchair!

Wonderful and yet not possible…well, don’t be so sure.

Technology continues to advance apace and it is allowing home and business owners to easily access detailed information about energy use within their buildings and homes. Previously it would have been very expensive to gather this data with complicated, bulky equipment, lots of wires and a pet scientist to interpret the data sat close by. Those days are gone.

Now reasonably priced, simply retrofitted equipment is available allowing detailed electricity, gas and water usage to be measured every few seconds and sent to your smart phone for you to see.

Particularly with electricity monitoring there is now equipment such as the Smappee which allows you to install a sensor within minutes on your incoming electricity supply and it will identify individual appliances within the home just by monitoring one cable!

There are also a growing number of similar companies able to gather all kinds of personalised energy and utility data and streaming it instantly to online portals and mobile devices at the blink of an eye.

Imagine the uses with information of this detail… You could quickly figure out what appliances are using the most energy in your home, you could discover what appliances have accidentally been left on at night, you could be warned if there was a power cut when you were on holiday or an alert if the home or appliance was using more energy than it normally does. The list goes on but you get the idea.

Information is power and with simple data collection and presentation it becomes a powerful tool indeed. Many systems advertised suggest a 20-30% saving on energy bills and whilst this is not the monitoring kit directly making the saving it is the ability to identify the “low hanging fruit” energy guzzlers which may be easily changed or upgraded to make massive savings in the process.

For those interested in understanding and optimising their energy usage for one or more properties from the familiar interface of their mobile phone or tablet you now have the ability to see through your quarterly energy bills into an enlightened new realm.

You now can have “X-Ray” vision!

Doug Johnson

Doug is a chartered mechanical engineer and has had the pleasure of being involved in the UK renewable sector since 2008. With wide-ranging operational and design experience in both the domestic and commercial sectors across a wide range of recognised technologies he hopes to be able to share his experience to help enlighten and save you hassle along the way.