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Thinking About Renewable Energy? Think Green Cross Code

We are all familiar with the Green Cross Code and the chaos caused if you ignore it by blindly setting out across a busy road. Well surprisingly there is a growing parallel between a busy A road and the journey more and more people are taking when embarking on their first major ‘green’ home renovation or new build home project.

Renewable Energy Projects

The consequences, metaphorically at least, are very similar and whilst you are unlikely to sustain serious injury whilst managing your sustainable housing project there is every chance your wallet may.

Let me explain…

Stop before you get too carried away with planning all sorts of fancy green “eco-bling” or products you have seen on Grand Designs think about how feasible it may be for the property. Have a good honest look at the available room for equipment, available electrical services and access to site. Most importantly get a realistic gauge of cost and compare this to the budget you are willing to allocate to the heating system.

Look at the wide range of options available and consider fully what products might be the right fit for your individual project. Just because everyone you have spoken to has a heat pump won’t ensure it’s the most optimal solution for your building or you.

Narrowing the search too early with preconceived ideas or poor advice can unintentionally lead to considerable disappointment further down the line.

Listen to what a trusted energy specialist has to say. Remember they are a specialist for a reason and their focus should be to deliver to you the best options for your situation. These individuals make a living from immersing themselves in the available products and know a lot of the loopholes and tricks for optimising system performance or spotting a duff idea from a mile off. Consider their opinion carefully and ask lots of questions.

Think about what your absolute top and acceptable secondary priorities are for the project as a whole and determine honestly which suit you and your budget best. Only you know what is important to you and concentrating on these first and foremost will give the project the best chance of delivering for you on the deepest level and making it a wholly positive one for everyone involved. 

Then cross… You are then able to progress with further conversations and other important aspects of the project confident in the knowledge that you have the important energy efficiency bases covered. Most important of all the risk has been greatly reduced of a large immovable issue coming careering out of nowhere and knocking you and your project for six.

Have you got further thoughts on this topic or any examples of a ‘messy’ project that could have benefited from the advice above? Please feel free to share…

Doug Johnson

Doug is a chartered mechanical engineer and has had the pleasure of being involved in the UK renewable sector since 2008. With wide-ranging operational and design experience in both the domestic and commercial sectors across a wide range of recognised technologies he hopes to be able to share his experience to help enlighten and save you hassle along the way.