The Renewable Energy Installer Minefield Explained

We have written a couple of previous blogs about the best ways of finding first class renewable energy installers but I thought this week I would write specifically about why the process of finding an installer has become complicated and why care needs to be taken.

The ways homes are constructed, heated and being thermally improved is changing and along with green loans and incentives for putting in fossil fuel alternative technologies there are new products on the market that can reduce your overall fuel costs.

As regular readers of the blog will be aware these come in the form of heat pumps, biomass boiler, solar panels and a wide array of complementary technologies.

Complexities For The Renewable Energy Installer

Integration Subtlety

Whilst the complexity of installing and integrating these technologies varies every project is different and only in depth knowledge of suitable products and their seasonal capabilities will ensure the long term success of a particular system.

We are sailing away from one generic oil or gas boiler that is massively oversized being acceptable and having to give way to intelligent and courteous thermal design practices.

Brand choice

With a range of new heating technologies comes a wide choice of manufacturers and brand choice. Whilst on the face of it choice is a good thing this very same choice means that renewable energy installers tend to specialise in their own preferred brands that they are comfortable installing and servicing.

This could be for a range of reasons including product quality, competitive purchase cost, easy availability of parts or indeed a high quality customer service support network in the event of a fault.

So if you have your heart set on a certain brand you may have to search around for the closest most suitable installer.

Product Experience

Still within the industry there is a massive range in product experience. Some renewable energy installers have been involved for around 10 years or more whilst others could have set up in business last week!

Every renewable energy installation company has a single technology that they are great (or not so great) at installing. There are a number of installers who are capable of installing 1-2 technologies, but surprising few that are capable of installing more to a high quality.

As a result if you are looking for a combination of renewable technologies on your project you may have to look further afield to find one single company capable of taking responsibility for installing and integrating your desires choices. Alternatively you may have to involve multiple installers adding complexity to your project management task.

Limited Reviews

One of my other personal bug bares is that speaking to multiple clients who have had issues on projects and why more people aren’t being made aware of the issues. Too little information is available on poorly performing and excellently performing companies.

Whilst there are generic “rated” sites and “Checkatrade” sites these are too basic for the needs of the potential MCS technology customer and should not be used solely to search for an installer. There are still large big brand companies out there who have great PR budgets but provide stinking technical and customer service. Be warned!

It’s for these reasons that a dream project can turn sour and it doesn’t need to. Contact us today on 08445 003383 or we can help you safely navigate the host of issues that may await.

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Doug Johnson

Doug is a chartered mechanical engineer and has had the pleasure of being involved in the UK renewable sector since 2008. With wide-ranging operational and design experience in both the domestic and commercial sectors across a wide range of recognised technologies he hopes to be able to share his experience to help enlighten and save you hassle along the way.