Whole House Energy Strategy

Creating a sustainable energy strategy shouldn’t feel like a leap in the dark.

But with so much conflicting advice, it can be difficult to feel like you’ve made the best decision. Work with us and we’ll shine a light on sustainable energy, helping you create the best energy strategy for you and your clients’ needs; whilst reducing risk and saving time for you both.

Trust us to review your energy issue objectively and independently and give you the best advice. We’re not tied to specific products or suppliers and recommend the best solution for each situation. We take account of the full picture – the project site, service, budget, and client aspirations – to build a solid strategy, ready for your project to progress.

Here are some of the questions we’ve helped answer:

  • What technologies are best for the building?
  • Are renewable technologies the right solution?
  • What running cost savings can my client expect?
  • How much are alternative technologies likely to cost?
  • How long will the system take to pay back?

We answer all these questions, helping you make a fully informed decision.


Let’s spark off a conversation about energy strategy. Call us on 08445 003383.

I have never known such a complex sector with so many conflicting views…Mesh cut through all the noise.

We’ll make sure you fully understand the benefits and potential uncertainties of installing a renewable energy system so you can make the right, informed decision for your project. We’ll look at the practicalities of the options available with your specific energy requirements in mind; saving you time, reducing your risk and giving you one less thing to worry about.

If this sounds good to you pick up the phone and we’ll happily discuss your ‘energy challenge’.
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