Dynamic Thermal Modelling

We can help you design and optimise efficient  and thermally stable domestic and commercial buildings with our experienced, specialist ‘real world’ thermal and ventilation modelling support.

Reduce the chances of overheating and poor ventilation design and work with us using leading IES VE dynamic simulation modelling software. A wide variety of ‘real world’ testing in early project stages allows you to optimise building performance.


Kiss goodbye to thermal building design uncertainty at concept and detailed design stages.

Let us help you with:

  • Complex model simulation using IES’s ModelIT software or import from SketchUp® and Revit®.
  • Detailed weather simulation using local weather files from CIBSE 2006 weather files, simulate climate change with CIBSE 2016 weather files.
  • Solar shading with detailed topographical, building and local shading devices modelled to enable precise solar heat gain calculations.
  • Fabric specification for building heat loss and solar gains through glazing, detailed u-values, thermal mass as well as solar and light transmittance.
  • User profiling using IES VE Apache SIM to model occupation profile, internal gains and auxiliary ventilation.
  • Dynamic openings enable true air flow simulation through the building envelope including time,temperature thresholds and degrees of opening.
  • Planning compliance achieved via CIBSE TM52 Overheating and CIBSE TM49 London Climate
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