Commercial Clients

Commercial clients

We are independent energy consultants and are uniquely placed to help your business understand current energy usage and devise strategies to cut running costs and increase profitability of your business straight away.

Building managers

If you are a building/facilities manager looking to investigate how you can reduce energy use on site or integrate sustainable technology as cost effectively as possible and ensure you target the right areas first time, we can assist.

Our range of energy audit and sophisticated energy monitoring solutions can be tailored to your unique building situation and remotely monitored to ensure that you can deal with rising energy usage as effectively as possible.

In addition, based on our years of practical experience we can determine suitable sustainable technologies and subsidies.

“Mesh provided a rigorous, data-driven analysis based on our unique requirements.”

We believe in empowering our clients by giving them all the facts and data in a bespoke report addressing their specific objectives. With this they can make immediate improvements in energy efficiency and use this data to form the basis of their project’s renewable energy strategy.

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